Why do you need to Hire an Employment Law Specialist?

An employment law specialist is what you will need if are an employee and your employer offered you a compromise agreement. You need to receive a legal guidance or advice from an employment law specialist so that you won’t be making any decisions you will regret and your employment law specialist will know how to handle these kinds of situations. It is significant to do it as it is one of the requirement for documents like that to be legally bounded and valid. This is exactly the reason why you need an employment law advice.

You need an expert legal advice from an employment law specialist on a compromise agreement because there might be legal clauses and terms you might not understand on your own. The specialist is task to comprehensively explain all the contents of the document to you in a manner that you will understand. Therefore, there will be no excuse for you not to comprehend what is in the compromise agreement. Every detail in the compromise agreement is important and you necessary have to understand each and every detail of it.

It is also the job of the employment law specialist to negotiate on your behalf if you are not comfortable or dissatisfied with the employer’s offer. You need to understand that before you sign a compromise agreement, you have to make sure that everything is crystal clear. If you are not agreeing with any terms in the agreement, seek advice on your hire employment law specialist for an advice. Now, if you want to sign the agreement, you will be making the agreement final.

The task of an employment law specialist does not end there. He/she is supposed to provide advice on how you could lay down a susceptible protection and how the compensation is adequate for you. The legal advice you will get from your hired specialist will entail the fairness and the attractiveness of the compromise agreement. These will include the job title, the salary, and the total number of years you have served the company, among others.

Another legal advice you can get from your employment law specialist is that he/she can help you with any possible claims that you may file against your employer. The law specialist is most capable of assessing and evaluating such claims. This way, there will be a clearer view on whether signing the document or filing a legal claim could be more beneficial.

If you are in need of an employment law specialist, Simon Meikle LL.M (Hons) – Barrister & Solicitor is here to help. Practicing since 1987, Simon specialises in employment law and also in relationship property act. His office is located in the Wellington Central Business District. Simon will provide legal advice which is practical and timely.

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